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Special Process Service

As JJN, LLC, we serve civil process papers both locally and abroad for many attorneys and other corporations in Missouri and across the country. 

We provide prompt and thorough service for serving civil papers and and pride ourselves with some of the best local rates in process service.

Our rates start at $25.00 per summons! Pass these savings on to your clients! 
Bond agent providing bailing services in West Plains, MO

Bail Bonds

Bail Bonding is one of America's oldest traditional aspects of the criminal justice system. In essence, a bail bondsman is an insurance provider and is governed by the respective state's Department of Insurance. As the bail bondsman, we insure the court that a defendant will appear when called upon by the judge. Should the defendant fail to appear, it is our responsibility to forfeit the full amount of the bond to the court.

For the services we provide, we charge the lowest state rate allowed by Missouri law, which is only 10% of the full amount of the bond. For example, if the bond amount is $5,000.00, you will only pay $500.00.  

We will provide you with a court date. 
 If there are any questions or you need our service, we remain on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nicholas Bail Bonds also offers very flexible payment arrangements. We also accept Visa, MasterCard Discover and American Express.

Surety Recovery

Four licensed Surety Recovery Agents stand by at any time to track down "Bail Jumpers" / "Skips" and return them to the county in which they were bonded! 

Our Surety Recovery Agents take part in continuous training to ensure compliance with industry standards. 

Surety Recovery prices are dependent on travel time and bond amount. Call today for a no obligation, free quote. Our quotes are usually ready within an hour of your call time.

Our entire team understands the gravity of your situation. That’s why we are absolutely persistent in our search for a "skip". Once the defendant is secured, we firmly believe that they should be treated with respect and they will be.

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